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I'm back again for what is turning out to be a once yearly podcast. How did I ever do this weekly back in 2005? Today's interview is with Neil Ellwood, age 22. He grew up all over Canada and is a smart young man who is a fan of the show, and has thought about the questions. I love talking to young adults, as they always make me ponder if I lost the fresh view of life!

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Today's interview is with Charmaine, age 38. She is lovely, funny and speaks her mind.  She is in the process of rediscovering herself and being on her own after a long marriage, and rather liking what she is finding. Tune in for another delightful view of life!

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Show #68 -01/01/2011- Interview with Terry

I'm back! And hopefully done with all the surgery crap.

I'm starting another round of guests. I start with an old friend to ease back into things and get my editing and tools back on track.

This interview is with Terry, age 62 - founding member of the Lady Poetesses from Hell. She is sweet and quirky, and a very kind soul. Enjoy!

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After another long haitus, more surgery, I suddenly pop back in with a new show.

No guest, just something that has been preying on my mind over the last year.

I ask a lot of questions around Creativity, and if it is caused by our hormones only and what do you do when they go away? Can you still be creative? I ask the listeners to send me email or audio on their ideas on the subject. I really am looking for the answer to this one, so I hope you all participate!

My email address is:

Gmail takes files up to about 20Mb, so if you record audio - send it to me at 64 or 96 kbps, and if it is too big, break it up into a couple of emails. Otherwise send me an email on your ideas and I'll read it on a follow up show to this one. Thanks everyone! I hope to hear from you!

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Show #66 -07/17/2009- Steven Brust Interview After a year of retirement from the show - I was tempted out by an interview with New York Times best selling Science Fiction and Fantasy writer Steven Brust.

He is warm, wry, funny and personable - a delightful interview!

To learn more about Steven, here is a link to a Wikipedia page on him:
Steven Brust Wiki Page.

My email address has changed - I can be reached at:

Who knows what the future will bring. Will I be tempted back out of
retirement by another irresistible guest? Stay tuned!

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It appears my one month hiatus turned into a year.

Things took a long time to turn around. But I was tempted out of
retirement by a very special guest. Look for a show shortly, when
I get the edit done!
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Hey all. It looks like I'm going to take a month off.
Poor health, and a dying dog, and too much work stress have done me in.

I'm not going to do the show this month. Check back next month, and
I hope things have improved!
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Welcome to the 3rd Anniversary show of Uncomfortable Questions!
This is a very fun interview with a guest from Finland. I loved doing this one. I talk to Mikko, age 31 -
Transhumanist, do-gooder and Asshole.

He is delightfully cheeky, and a deep thinker. Some of the concepts he
presents are not immediately intuitive, so he sent me a link to a 1 page paper he wrote on his philosophy.
Please read it, it is funny and makes things a lot clearer. Get it at:

The link Mikko mentions on the show for the Singularity Institute is at:

Also a link to more information on Transhumanism -

You can send me email at:

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I'm back! This is a short show, to get me back on track after surgery, and
too much life in general.

A listener sent me in a 10 minute piece for her own podcast that was her
answer to the "What Is the Universe?" show that I did a few months ago.
Check her out at

I included her piece and also went on with some musings of my own on
"Is Life Fair - And Should It Be?".

Send me your own thoughts or comments at (if you want to send a sound file, use this one - it can handle upwards of 20MB files - or you can send mail also to :

Next show is my 3rd Anniversary show, and I hope to bring you something really special.
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If you are wondering where the heck I am, due to some unexpected
surgery, I'm busy healing at this time.

It looks like I'll end up taking a month off from the show, while I
recover and get back on my feet (literally - it was foot surgery.)

Check back in a few weeks, and hopefully I'll have a show up.
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