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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program: I interview one ordinary person each show and ask them some of the tough questions of life. "What is Evil?" "What is Love?" "What is the nature of reality?" "Is there a soul?" Each show is different as I follow wherever the conversation wants to go. These are all the things you got to talk about at 2am while drunk on your dorm room floor, but never discuss anymore.

Aug 27, 2005

This show is an interview with Arzu - 31 years old, a rock musician in more than one band, a karaoke hostess of the best show in town, and a filmmaker. She is upbeat, dryly funny, and has a very positive attitude about life. Interesting views on religion as she is half Turkish, with a Muslim father, and Christian mother.

Aug 20, 2005

This show is an interview with David - writer, and legal process server, 24 years old (and way wise beyond his years). I loved so many of his answers to the "uncomfortable questions". Don't miss this show, it's a must listen! Please write me ideas for questions, comments, or whatever at...

Aug 14, 2005

This show is an interview with Garrick Van Buren - the producer of an interview podcast show called "First Crack Podcast". He is 30 years old. He gives an engaging, funny view of a young married man, coming to terms with not believing we go on after death. Don't miss it! Garrick's show can be found at...

Aug 7, 2005

This show is an interview with Sharon. A 55 year old, ex-hippie, super intelligent Software Engineer. She is fun, talkative, and entertaining - with a wonderful view on life combining a mechanisim, with lots of humanistic views. My favorite section is a long discussion on if children who don't get to bond with...