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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program: I interview one ordinary person each show and ask them some of the tough questions of life. "What is Evil?" "What is Love?" "What is the nature of reality?" "Is there a soul?" Each show is different as I follow wherever the conversation wants to go. These are all the things you got to talk about at 2am while drunk on your dorm room floor, but never discuss anymore.

No new show this week

Feb 26, 2006

Hey all! The hosting service was down on and off much of this last week. The poor "Alex Interview" has about half the downloads of usual. As it is an exceptional show, I am going to leave it up for another week. I will post the Lyndon Interview next Saturday. Please, listen to the Alex show! It is worth hearing! I am considering going to an every 2 week posting schedule, anyways. The weekly is grueling, It takes about 15 hours to get you a show every week, and interview volunteers are getting harder to come by. I've used up all the people I know who will do it, and now I'm totally dependent on listeners stepping up, or forcing their friends into it. So again, I need people to interview, and if you have Skype (it is a free download at and a microphone and earphones - feel free to write to me and we'll set something up! Thanks so much for all the support you have given this show.