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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program: I interview one ordinary person each show and ask them some of the tough questions of life. "What is Evil?" "What is Love?" "What is the nature of reality?" "Is there a soul?" Each show is different as I follow wherever the conversation wants to go. These are all the things you got to talk about at 2am while drunk on your dorm room floor, but never discuss anymore.

Feb 19, 2007

Join me in when Charlie takes on the "big questions". Charles is age 54, a psychologist, originally from Texas, now resides in Oregon.

We wandered off in many directions from the questions, as I was interested to see how a psychologist would view the uncomfortable questions. We also had our super-geek moments! What we got was a lot of laughter and fun.

Attatched is a ghoulish Halloween picture of Charlie! Can you imagine meeting your psychologist dressed like that?

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If this is all too serious, tune into Cayenne Chris Conroy's absurd comedy show at . It will make you a better person. Really!