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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program: I interview one ordinary person each show and ask them some of the tough questions of life. "What is Evil?" "What is Love?" "What is the nature of reality?" "Is there a soul?" Each show is different as I follow wherever the conversation wants to go. These are all the things you got to talk about at 2am while drunk on your dorm room floor, but never discuss anymore.

Apr 12, 2010

After another long haitus, more surgery, I suddenly pop back in with a new show.

No guest, just something that has been preying on my mind over the last year.

I ask a lot of questions around Creativity, and if it is caused by our hormones only and what do you do when they go away? Can you still be creative? I ask the listeners to send me email or audio on their ideas on the subject. I really am looking for the answer to this one, so I hope you all participate!

My email address is:

Gmail takes files up to about 20Mb, so if you record audio - send it to me at 64 or 96 kbps, and if it is too big, break it up into a couple of emails. Otherwise send me an email on your ideas and I'll read it on a follow up show to this one. Thanks everyone! I hope to hear from you!