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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program: I interview one ordinary person each show and ask them some of the tough questions of life. "What is Evil?" "What is Love?" "What is the nature of reality?" "Is there a soul?" Each show is different as I follow wherever the conversation wants to go. These are all the things you got to talk about at 2am while drunk on your dorm room floor, but never discuss anymore.

Jan 1, 2011

I'm back! And hopefully done with all the surgery crap.

I'm starting another round of guests. I start with an old friend to ease back into things and get my editing and tools back on track.

This interview is with Terry, age 62 - founding member of the Lady Poetesses from Hell. She is sweet and quirky, and a very kind soul. Enjoy!

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almost nine years ago

Great interview! Lots of insightful comments - I really enjoyed hearing Terry's thoughts.